Shot Breakdown:

1. The Little Prince (Feature film directed by Mark Osborne, 2015) – Modeled, rigged, and animated flock of birds and strings.

2. Tree on a Cliff – Designed, modeled and shaded tree on a cliff. Leaves and grass placed procedurally, textures hand painted.

3. Castle on a Cliff – Designed, modeled and shaded castle on a cliff over the ocean. Ocean movement was done with RenderMan shader.

4. Lydia – Designed, modeled, rigged, and shaded character. Hair and cloth created with Maya nDynamics.

5. Skeleton Bat Horse – Designed, modeled, rigged, shaded and dynamically simulated nCloth wings.

6. Viscera (MFA Thesis Film, 2014) – Built stop-motion puppet and set, animated footage, modeled and shaded set extension, tracked footage with PFTrack, composited footage.